IT Analytics & Reporting

KHITS able to build great reports or dashboards from the raw data that has been enterred. Stunning Visualization. Powerful Data Processing. Services: DrillDown Report, Pivot Analysis, Report Exporting.

Transform your data into valuable insights by series of powerful and ready-to-use processes.

Effectively communicate data insights to your audiences with beautiful charts and graphs.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

ERP provides rich functionality for all key service delivery processes such as service delivery, staffing, client billing, contact management, service notification, revenue recognition and profitability analysis. Get up-to-date demand forecasts via ERP’s reporting capabilities while increasing profits and creating additional client value by servicing your clients more effectively.

ERP is a comprehensive service business software solution that enables you to resource your business and manage service delivery. The ERP tool also helps you streamline financial operations and analyze business performance across the entire service organization. Embracing the latest in technology, ERP provides a real-time, accurate view of your services, so you can proactively manage it with confidence. Embedded business process management provides the flexibility you need as your business evolves. The right ERP approach can create the transparency your service company requires. ERP for service industries can help you control projects, tasks and engagements more effectively. ERP for service industries offer ready-to-go capabilities for a wide range of service organizations, including consultancies, accountants, law firms, architecture practices, engineering and construction businesses, real estate companies, etc.


Your data is your competitive edge. It’s what differentiates you. A robust foundation at the database level is essential to developing applications and strategies that can take your business to the next level. It’s also why it requires expert management from a reliable partner. With KHITS as your partner, you can be confident that your most valuable asset is always available, optimized and secure.

Whether you need full-time operational support, specific expertise for project work, or you just need to fill a skills gap in your own team, KHITS’s elite teams of database architects, engineers, and administrators provide 24/7 comprehensive, proactive, expert support for all database management activities using best in class security frameworks – on-premises or in the cloud.

Our open-scope service model allows you to choose what you need–from initial consulting to system design and architecture, hands-on technical implementations. This flexibility of service ensures the optimal performance and efficient operation of your databases, middleware and applications.

Data Warehouse

Data warehouse (DWH) services help companies implement, improve or migrate their DWH solution to consolidate disparate data sources under one roof and enhance their decision-making.

A data warehouse is a central repository of information that can be analyzed to make more informed decisions. Data flows into a data warehouse from transactional systems, relational databases, and other sources, typically on a regular cadence. Business analysts, data engineers, data scientists, and decision makers access the data through business intelligence (BI) tools, SQL clients, and other analytics applications.

Data and analytics have become indispensable to businesses to stay competitive. Business users rely on reports, dashboards, and analytics tools to extract insights from their data, monitor business performance, and support decision making. Data warehouses power these reports, dashboards, and analytics tools by storing data efficiently to minimize the input and output (I/O) of data and deliver query results quickly to hundreds and thousands of users concurrently.

Data Mining

Every business looks for new opportunities to expand its customer base and gain a competitive edge. When you outsource data mining services to SunTec Data, we help you unveil the previously unknown valuable customer information that can strengthen your decision making, and empower you to identify new opportunities for your business. We offer an all-inclusive and robust portfolio of data mining services, aimed at helping you obtain critical information from reliable sources, get accurate customer data and up-to-date business trends, and streamline operations.

Backed by a dedicated and able team of data miners, we have the expertise to support you in converting a huge amount of data into information that helps you make strategic business decisions by identifying new opportunities. Our experts hold extensive experience in mining data across industry verticals and niches, including academic and market research, real estate, finance, human resource, marketing, legal, etc.

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