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Our Motto is ‚ÄúCustomer is our number one (1) priority” thus our customer perception is our reality, what matter the most is what our customer sees and experience. All of us in KHITS would like to establish the brand KHITS as a symbol of reliability and friendly IT partner.

About us

KHITS (Kharisma IT Solution & Support) is managed by PT. Kharisma Bangsa Indonesia, we have vast experience in technology and service business. The company itself founded by very passionate people with ideas to always innovate and stay ahead of trends.

Each of the founders has very unique skills with various background: Software engineer, frontend engineer, apps engineer, IT management, entrepreneur, and Finance. even though  come from different background all the founders have one purpose in mind, which is to help and reach business efficiency by providing scalable, reliable, maintainable system

Our services


expert in web & Mobile application development


Expert and familiar with data processing


Expert advise for IT infrastructure


We help SME (UMKM) to get in touch with IT

Experience Meets Expertice

Our team has very strong background in IT and really passionate in IT stuffs. We love the problems of our customer, so we understand how to solve that problem.

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Address: Jalan Jembatan Utara No. 189A, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia